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A Professional Kitchen is always a very challenging and demanding setting. Kitchen ventilation plays an important role in providing a safe, comfortable and productive working environment within this setting. Halton is the world’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen ventilation systems – including commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings. To achieve a good working environment, reduce energy consumption, mitigate risk and minimise the environmental impact, there are many things to consider and many valuable benefits that can be realised if considered early in the design process.

Halton and Stoddart offer the optimum solution in terms of combining safety, energy efficiency, indoor environment, air purification and system control. Engaging our ideas & technologies early in your design process can help you deliver smart ideas. We can help Kitchen Design Consultants and Mechanical Design Consultants bridge the interface between their respective fields of expertise to deliver complete solutions tailored for each unique kitchen design and building ventilation challenge. Our local engineering and manufacture provides quick response and efficient delivery to help keep projects on time and on budget.

Halton’s proprietary kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings are manufactured under license in Australia by Stoddart specifically to your requirements, while maintaining the internationally proven and accredited design.

Stoddart manufactures Halton Capture Jet™ canopies and ventilated ceilings as well as Pollustops™ air purification solutions, demand based kitchen ventilation systems (MARVEL™) and Mobichef™ units. Stoddart can purchase other products from Halton or develop with halton, new products for our dynamic market.

Halton Ternary

Darling Harbour

New South Wales

Fitting bold new kitchens into existing spaces brings along a multitude of challenges. The Designers of the new main floor of this popular international hotel in Sydney City needed to make a statement to highlight two new open kitchen restaurants. Stoddart was tasked to capture and extract cooking emissions, odours and smoke and prevent them spilling into the surrounding environment. The Halton Ventilated Ceiling solution is designed and tailored to suit the kitchen’s cooking equipment (char grills, induction cooking and teppanyaki plates) with connection of ventilation services within the restricted space available over each kitchen, while also aesthetically blending into the flowing design of the refurbished areas. These ceilings are a feature of these bold new restaurants and complement the rest of the hotel.

The Halton Ventilated Ceilings extract cooking pollutants effectively for open kitchen designs. Halton’s Capture Jet™ air system is uniquely engineered to create a balanced separation between the kitchen environment and the outside area to reduce the effect of cross breezes commonly experienced in an open kitchen environment. Halton’s Cyclonic filters provide the highest level of primary separation of fats and greases to mitigate the risk of duct fires and reduce operating costs.

Halton Nandos



Popular Australian quick service restaurant, Nandos, required an exhaust hood that would be able to cope with their heavy duty char grill cooking processes. Additionally, Nandos required a solution that would meet their restaurant design requirements in regards to front of house display cooking.

The Halton KVI-H exhaust hood is designed specifically for heavy cooking processes and removes large surges of grease and smoke quickly, and effectively separates airborne contaminants with flame arresting cyclonic filters. With its pleasing aesthetics, the Halton KVI-H exhaust hood incorporates front and rear exhaust plenums full of filters and a neat perforated front face for low velocity make-up air supply to balance the room and make a strong functional statement for Nandos’ business.

International Convention Centre Halton

International Convention Centre

New South Wales

Stoddart was engaged by Food Service Consultant – Cini-Little to assist in the design and documentation for world class kitchen ventilation solutions in the International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Halton hoods were chosen to create a good working environment, reduce energy consumption, mitigate fire risks and minimise environmental impact while also providing significant ongoing operational cost savings and reducing initial expenditure for air handling equipment. Over 50 Halton KVF Exhaust Hoods were specified for the production kitchens and kiosks throughout the ICC to provide efficient capture and extraction and effective separation of airborne contaminants with flame arresting cyclonic filters.

The ICC is a great example of Halton’s global technology combined with Stoddart’s local manufacturing and national service support for delivery of world class innovative solutions.