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Halton UWI Cold Mist & Hot Wash Capture Jet Canopy with UV Filter Hood

Halton UWI Cold Mist & Hot Wash Capture Jet Canopy with UV Filter Hood

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    Halton UWI exhaust hoods are designed for use where an exposed flame or embers may be present as part of the cooking process or where the length of an exhaust duct within the building exceeds 10 m (ref AS1668.1 2015 Cl 6.2.9). The KSA filters are UL1046 Classified for flame and spark arrestance. Cold mist is sprayed onto filters to cool the exhaust air before it enters the exhaust system. The cyclonic action of KSA filters and cold mist, washes embers and contaminants from the airstream. UV treatment in the hood decomposes odorous vapours and a hot water wash cycle cleans away combustible deposits, reducing the cost of manual cleaning and mitigates the risk of fire. UWI hoods require make-up air to be supplied by others through wall on ceiling registers of adjacent enclousures.

    • Kitchen Exhaust Hood must be a Proprietary design with UL1046 classified filters with water mist and auto wash as well as Capture Jet™
    • LED Down/Tube lights must be included to provide 500 Lux at the cooking surface
    • The hood will be designed to the performance standard ASTM 1704 with minimum airflow calculated by VD12052 method and manufactured from 1.2 mm AISI 304 satin finish
    • The hood size position and airflows as detailed on the approval drawing
    • The hood will be supplied with the remote Water Control Cabinet

      Progressive Filtration
      UV Filtration
      Capture Jet Technology
      Cold Mist & Hot Wash
      Exhaust System Classification
      Exhaust Hood
      Low Wall System
      Make Up Air

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