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Halton KSA Cyclonic Filter for Capture Jet Ktchen Exhaust Systems

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    Mechanical grease filters are used to remove particles from the exhaust airflow and provide primary fire protection by preventing flames from spreading into the exhaust system. To ensure high-efficiency grease extraction, Halton have developed and patented the UL1046 and NSF-certified KSA multi-cyclone filter. The unique KSA filter is constructed of multiple cyclone chambers with high fractional efficiency to remove 95% of grease particles sized ten microns and above by centrifugal separation. Grease and moisture particles drain from the inclined cyclone chambers into a grease collection cup for safe disposal & recycling. The cyclone chambers maintain a constant pressure drop throughout the operating cycle so design airflows can be maintained with a lower exhaust fan operating cost. KSA filters are robust and can be easily removed and passed through a hood type dishwasher to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic. Independent laboratory tests prove that this is the most efficient mechanical grease filter on the market.

    • Kitchen Exhaust Hood shall comply with the requirements or NCC 2015 and AS1668.2 2012
    • Constructed from 1.2 mm AISI 304 Satin finish with fully welded exhaust plenum
    • The hood shall be supplied complete with vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology with high efficiency UL classified multi-cyclone grease filters (KSA) and pressure measurement points as well as exhaust and supply air adjustment dampers and flush light fittings to provide minimum 500 lux at the cooking surface
    • The size shall be as indicated in the drawings
    • The hood will be designed to save energy and capture efficiency will be calculated using convective heat calculations methods
    • Make-up air will be supplied at low velocity through the front face of the canopy

      Exhaust System Classification

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