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Halton UVF Capture Ray Canopy with UV Exhaust Treatment

Halton UVF Capture Ray Canopy with UV Exhaust Treatment

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    UVF exhaust hoods are designed for use in all commercial and show kitchens, especially those with horizontal ducting. UVF hoods are equipped with the UV Capture Ray™ technology that neutralises the grease carried by the exhaust air. By carefully selecting the number of UV tubes, airborne cooking odours will be reduced so that it can negate the need to discharge at a high level from the building. UVF hoods have the latest generation of patented Capture Jet technology and make-up air supplied through the front face to help capture and contain the heat load with 30-40% lower exhaust airflow.

    • Kitchen Exhaust Hood shall comply with AS1668.2 as a proprietary hood. Constructed from 1.2 mm AISI 304 Satin finish with fully welded exhaust plenum
    • The hood shall be supplied complete with UV treatment for operational & safety control as well as vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology with high efficiency UL classified multi-cyclone grease filters (KSA) and pressure measurement points. Hood will also be supplied with exhaust and supply air adjustment dampers and flush light fittings to provide a minimum of 500 lux at the cooking surface.
    • The size shall be as indicated in the drawings
    • The hood will be designed to save energy and capture efficiency will be calculated using convective heat calculation methods
    • Make-up air will be supplied at low velocity through the front face of the canopy

      Progressive Filtration
      UV Filtration
      UV On Demand
      UL1046 Classified Filters
      Capture Jet Technology
      Cold Mist & Hot Wash
      Exhaust System Classification
      Exhaust Hood
      Make Up Air

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