A Guide to Commercial Refrigeration by Airex

May 13, 2021

Commercial refrigeration, compared to domestic models, is made for frequent use in foodservice establishments. A kitchen’s refrigeration is one of the only pieces of catering equipment that is relied upon to work 24/7. Therefore, it is important to choose refrigeration equipment that is best suited to your venue’s needs.

The Airex range of refrigerated products has been curated to cover both front and back of house requirements. Airex is quickly becoming the must-have brand for hospitality venues - with features for improved performance and consistent temperature control.

What’s In This Article:

Upright Refrigeration
Undercounter Refrigeration
Single Door Undercounter Refrigeration
Merchandisers/Drink Fridges

Upright Refrigeration

Airex Upright Refrigeration Image

Upright refrigerated units are ideal for maximising storage space in any commercial kitchen space due to their obvious benefit of height.

Single and dual door units provide options for various refrigeration placements. Dual door units are great for large dedicated refrigeration areas. Single door units are ideal for squeezing a refrigeration unit into a tighter space. Upright refrigeration is a great option for commercial kitchens that don’t require a walk-in freezer (or can’t add one).

The Airex Upright Refrigeration range includes both single and dual door refrigerators and freezers. The Airex Upright Commercial Fridges are available with solid or glass doors, while the Airex Upright Freezers are available with solid doors.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Airex Undercounter Refrigeration Image

Undercounter refrigeration units are great for kitchens that need extra workspace. They provide a multi-purpose refrigeration option, with a stainless-steel worktop for food preparation. They are also beneficial for keeping refrigerated ingredients in close proximity to the workspace. Undercounter refrigerated units are typically waist height and are made to easily fit GN pans.

Airex Undercounter Refrigerated Storage is available in 2, 3 and 4 doors configurations with either solid or glass doors available. A stainless-steel worktop is included as standard and features a 1/1GN shelf configuration with adjustable runners. The Airex Undercounter Freezer is available with 2 or 3 solid doors.

Single Door Undercounter Refrigeration

Airex Single Door Undercounter Refrigeration Image

Single door undercounter refrigeration is ideal for stowing under an existing worktop to keep chilled product within easy reach. They are often used as milk fridges for cafes due to their convenient size. Generally, these units are supplied with solid doors but can feature glass doors.

Airex Single Door Undercounter Fridges are available with either a solid or glass door. Airex Undercounter Freezers feature a solid door. The units have 2 adjustable shelves and a base shelf, with a 600mm depth to suit compact applications.

Merchandisers/Drink Fridges

Airex Merchandisers Refrigeration Image

Merchandisers (also known as drink display fridges) are made to display and chill ready-to-serve drinks in a front of house setting.

Depending on the available front of house space, a freestanding merchandiser or countertop merchandiser would be up for consideration. If floor space allows, a freestanding merchandiser can fit a large array of drinks. Otherwise, countertop merchandisers are great compact units suitable for food establishments in food courts and shopping centres.

The Airex Upright Slimline Merchandiser is perfect for including a freestanding drinks fridge in a compact size. The unit features a double-glazed glass door and energy efficient LED lighting, and is designed to display drinks without condensation. These merchandisers also use an electrostatic finish to prevent fingerprint marks and smudges.

Airex also features Countertop Merchandisers in standard as well as pass-through orientations. Both models feature double glazed glass for exceptional display. Pass-through merchandisers are ideal for loading drinks from behind the counter for first in, first out stock practices. Additionally, all Airex merchandisers feature self-closing, lockable doors.

This article was originally published on the Restaurant & Catering Australia website.