Woodson Hot Food Display W.HFSS23

Woodson Hot Food Display W.HFSS23

Woodson 3 Module Self Serve Hot Food Display W.HFSS23


The Woodson Self Serve Hot Food Display is effective, reliable and aesthetically pleasing with a satin finished double skin stainless steel. Featuring an air insulated tank, overhead infra-red heat lamps and toughened glass ends, this unit couples even heat distribution with safety of use.

In-tank temperature controls enable accurate temperature measurements while providing lower running costs, making this unit highly energy efficient. As a result, this unit continuously delivers high quality performance, use after use.

  • Designed to run between 70°C - 80°C
  • The multiple element design ensures that even if a single element fails the unit will continue to operate
  • In-tank temperature probes for accurate measurement
  • The rectangular base - easily dropped into a bench cut-out
  • 15mm drain with downward emptying tap ensures easy cleaning
  • Features mechanical thermostat temperature control for full control over heating temperature
  • Gastronorm size pans up to 100mm are suitable
  • Available in 3-6 bay modules
  • Dimensions of 1030 x 600 x 690mm
  • Electrical rating of 2.4kW - 10A