Woodson Pro-Series Contact Grill W.GPC61SC.R.A

Woodson Pro-Series Contact Grill W.GPC61SC.R.A

Woodson Pro Series Computer Controlled Contact Grill W.GPC61SC.R.A


Constructed from a single piece stainless steel plate and protective upstand, the computer controlled Woodson Pro Series Contact Grill is the pinnacle of contact toaster technology. With a single heating plate and eight programmable timer settings, offering a variety of cooking options, this unit has been designed solely to ensure efficient use, every use. Effective and reliable, this unit is an absolute necessity for any quick service kitchen.

Anodised Ribbed top plate - 300 x 300mm, Stainless steel bottom plate - 350 x 320mm.

  • Excellent heat distribution across entire top plate and larger bottom plate
  • Features smooth internal corners for easy and simple cleaning
  • Crafted with easily removable protective heat shields for increased operational safety
  • 3 mode operation - both plates / bottom plate only / standby - ensures increased energy efficiency
  • Unique design of lifting mechanism ensures effortless and gentle toasting as well as guaranteeing safe usage
  • Dimensions of 360 x 578 x 331mm
  • Electrical rating of 2.2kW - 10A