Woodson W.BMA23 Bain Marie

Woodson W.BMA23 Bain Marie

Woodson W.BMA23 2 row 3 bay Large Bain Marie


Designed specifically for wet operation, the Woodson 2 row, 3 bay Large Bain Marie features an air insulated tank, with double stainless steel construction. Fitting gastronorm size pans up to 100mm deep, this unit is able to accommodate a variety of foods, enabling adaptability to any situation. Multiple elements ensure even, responsive heat and greater reliability. With a smooth construction, this unit is attractive and efficient, guaranteeing high performance levels and reliability.

  • Features in-tank temperature probes for accurate measurement and lower running costs
  • Designed with a rectangular base so as to easily drop into bench cut-out
  • Constructed with a large 15mm tap-style rear drain for fast and safe draining
  • Non slip feet enable safe usage
  • Features a mechanical thermostat temperature control for absolute control over the heating process
  • Dimensions of 1030 x 600 x 245mm
  • Electrical rating of 1.8kW - 10A

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