Protect and Enhance Your Combi Oven Performance

A water filtration system is critical to the performance of your Combi oven. It is designed to protect your oven from any damage resulting from minerals and calcium in the water.

It is important that the user establish a regular filter replacement schedule. The required frequency will depend on your water quality and type of filtration system.

Indicators that your filter may require changing are:

Stoddart currently provides 2 types of water filtration systems:

  • BWT Filter Cartridge
  • Reverse Osmosis system

The BWT filter cartridge is suitable if the water quality tests as follows:

  • Chlorides < 32ppm
  • TDS > 30ppm

A Reverse Osmosis system should be installed if the water quality tests as follows:

  • Chlorides > 60ppm

Please refer to the graph to identify the correct filtration system for your machine.

The replacement schedule for the filter cartridges depends on your water quality and the usage of the oven.

The filter change frequencies below are indicative minimums. If your water quality is poor you may need to replace the filter more often.

BWT Filter Cartridge BWT Bestprotect 2XL Filter Cartridge To be replaced: 6 monthly. Part Number: SPAR.WFS.FS30N00A00

 Filter Cartridge DetailsFrequency of Replacement
1. Absolut Sediment Filter

SPAR.XSE.AX10-CCF (Red Label)

6 Monthly
2. Absolut Chloride Reduction Filter

SPAr.XSE.AX10-GAC (Yellow Label)

6 Monthly
3. Absolut Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter

SPAR.XSE.AX10-ROM (Blue Label)

12 Monthly

You can purchase the replacement filter directly from Stoddart.

You can place an order by emailing or calling 1300 307 289.

Please refer to the guide here for a Step-By-Step guide to ensure the filter is replaced correctly.

Scale builds up in the oven which can cause error messages, reduced performance of the oven and if left, could cause damage to key components which may result in costly repairs.

It's always worth being pro-active and getting the filters changed on a regular basis.

Contact Stoddart Customer Service on 1300 307 289 or email