Food Service Product Safety Alert


At Stoddart, we value our customer's safety as a priority with all of our Food Service equipment.

Products supplied by Stoddart provide the appropriate warranty required by Australian consumer law, however it is imperative, both during and after the expiry of the warranty period that the user maintains the products effectively.

Koldtech Pizza Preparation Refrigerators


We have been made aware of issues recently involving products outside the warranty period, which have not been maintained adequately, resulting in dangers to consumers of food produced using the equipment, and in some cases to the operators using them.

Specific Issue

The particular examples highlighted to us recently involve screws on pins that operate as a hinge on lids for pizza preparation refrigerators. The design of the lids is not problematic, when the units are properly maintained and regularly inspected. Unfortunately, we have seen problems arise, where operators haven’t had effective procedures in place, or capable staff to maintain the units. Examples include units with loose and missing pins, or where the screw or pin has fallen into ingredients used in the food production.

Units have a product code/model number commencing with KT.PM or PM. Please also see recent further advice sent by the QLD Public Health Unit regarding maintenance requirements of pizza make refrigerators (click here for pdf).

What Should I Do?

Stoddart is keen to be proactive and make contact with end users in order to ascertain if there is any risk in using the units in their current state of repair.

Should you think that you have one of the refrigerators in question, please contact us on 1300 307 289 and one of our customer service officers will be happy to advise and assist with any next steps.

Advice to Customers

Separate to this specific request we strongly recommend that end users properly maintain all their equipment effectively, and in safe operating condition.

If you have any doubt, contact us on 1300 307 289 and we will be happy to assist.

Information accurate as of 5th February 2019

Contact Stoddart Customer Service on 1300 307 289 or email