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Stoddart is an Australian company with over 50 years' experience in stainless steel fabrication and stainless steel plumbing fittings and stainless steel fixtures. Our strength is forged through our 415 employees, making Stoddart a great partner for the major infrastructure projects. Our extensive range of products include stainless steel toilets and combined stainless steel toilets and wash basin, stainless steel wash basins, stainless steel urinals, stainless steel cleaners sinks, stainless steel troughs and stainless steel wash troughs, stainless steel drinking fountains, stainless steel floor wastes and stainless steel drinking troughs.

Our reputation for working openly with customers to deliver genuine solutions for successful projects is exemplified in our work to deliver notable projects across Australia. Stoddart have a long list of successful projects including numerous Correctional Centres, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Hospitals, Laboratories, Schools, Shopping Centres & Sports Stadiums.

Our continuous improvement processes ensure that research & development improvements are rolled into our plumbing, washware, catering & architectural standard products to maintain market leadership. Through Stoddart’s flexible manufacturing processes, our dedicated team of tradespeople can rapidly embrace your individual requirements to deliver tailored products. With the convenience of Australian manufacture and short lead-times, Stoddart’s tailored products help you do your business effectively.

Stoddart’s leading stainless steel products are now forging into national and international markets and are taking this Australian family business to the global stage.

Stoddart Plumbing Police Stations

Australian Police Stations


Stoddart has proudly aided in the development of many Police Stations throughout all states of Australia. With Stainless Steel equipment that adheres to strict Australian Correctional Facilities standards, Stoddart products can be found in every corner of the country. Whether it is square or round toilet pan and basin combination units, shower cubicles and floor troughs and wastes, Stoddart has shown that their products will stand up to every application.

Stoddart Plumbing Gatton Correctional Facility

SEQ Correctional Centre (Gatton)


Stoddart supplied vacuum toilets and combination units with new water efficiency features that flush the bowl with less than 2 litres of (recycled) water. This is just one example of research and development by Stoddart engineers that has produced world-class products that provide higher levels of efficiency, security and safety.

Northern Territory Correctional Facility

Northern Territory Secure Facility

Northern Territory

In conjunction with the Sitzler-Baulderstone Joint Venture and Northern Territory Government, Stoddart provided a range of stainless steel plumbing products for the Northern Territory Secure Facility Development. For this project, it was decided that the popular round toilet and basin combination unit from Stoddart would be an ideal solution.

The fully welded, seamless stainless steel constructed unit, manufactured from 2mm 316 grade material offered superior strength, hygiene and corrosion resistance. As it is a highly secure facility the preferred option of access from the rear duct was also supplied.