CookTek IHW062.36 Sin Aqua

CookTek IHW062.36 Sin Aqua

CookTek Sin Aqua


CookTek's SinAqua Induction Food Warmers eliminate the use of water without compromising food quality. In fact, the induction heating process it improves it! At the same time, total energy consumption is cut in half. Using induction heating, the system delivers enough heat to maintain critical food temperatures, but not cook the food. Holding times with induction can be at least doubled!

Induction food warmers replace old-fashioned steam tables with no water, no drains, no spills, no leaks, no plumbing, no waterborne health risks - and no worries!

  • Optimized to work with industry standard GN hotel pans
  • No special metal is needed as the induction technology has been modified to be compatible with 300 series non magnetic stainless steel as well as 400 series magnetic stainless steel
  • Up to 50% energy saving over standard water operated bain marie
  • No need for costly floor drains or plumbing connections
  • Doubling holding time as it does not continue to cook product
  • Dimensions of 552mm x 349mm x 158mm
  • Rated at 1.9KW Single Phase