Halton Pollustop

Halton Pollustop

Halton Pollustop advanced air purification unit (Modular)

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Pollustop is a standard range of modules designed to be incorporated into commercial kitchen ventilation systems where the control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is a requirement.

PST Pollustop advanced Air Purification units comprises, Grease, odour and smoke filtration. Halton electronic monitoring system. Modular construction for site specific application.

  • Easy to maintain by just replacing the disposable filters
  • Permanent monitoring of the filters pressure loss to warn maintenance operators when filters require changing
  • Controls belong to Halton Foodservice Control Platform Controls belong to Halton Foodservice Control Platform (compatible with all Halton High Performance Kitchen technologies and solutions)
  • Communication with the BMS and distant control capabilities
  • Extremely silent construction with in-built acoustic insulation with double skin panels
  • Grease and smoke and odour filtrations
  • Allows low level discharge for exhaust ductwork
  • Respects the neighbourhood due to minimal cooking odours and pollution (improved external air quality in surrounding areas of the kitchen)
  • Custom dimensions to suit airflow requirements
  • 415V three phase