Halton Mobichef

Halton Mobichef

Halton Mobichef mobile cooking station with Capture Jet technology

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Halton MobiChef KMC ductless mobile recirculating cooking station with Capture Jet technology.

  • Highly efficient totally automated plug & play mobile unit
  • Unleashed from any ventilation ductwork Halton MobiChef enables live show cooking right in front of your guests
  • Suitable for Banquets and Functions as well as Show Cooking and Kiosks. Food courts and pool bars as well as being perfect for Breakfast Stations
  • High performance capture efficiency via latest and patented generation of Capture Jet™ technology
  • Cooking emissions containing grease as well as smoke and odours are effectively treated by MobiChef’s fully integrated filtration & emission control unit
  • Exhausted air is filtered inside the unit by a process containing 6 effective filtration steps
  • Multifunctional full length front glass screen and glass side skirts that maximize MobiChef‘s capture efficiency and provide guests an excellent view of chef‘s food preparation which enables an absolutely safe and hygienic cooking area
  • MobiChef can be used with varies electrical cooking appliances
  • 415V three phase

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