Halton Cold Mist and Wash Hood CMW-I

Halton Cold Mist and Wash Hood CMW-I

Halton Cold Mist & Hot Wash Capture Jet™ Canopy with Side Jets

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The Halton CMW-I is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation solution. It has been designed to deal with heavy duty cooking appliances such as solid fuelled broilers. It is equipped with the Cold Mist to reduce the temperature of the air, neutralize the potential sparks and remove the grease from the exhausted air.

  • Vertical and horizontal Capture Jet™ technology requires 30% to 40% less exhaust air volume than traditional hoods to remove an equal heat load
  • Make-up air is not incorporated in the hood and must be supplied to the room via ceiling registers or Diffusers
  • The CMW hood is equipped with Cold Mist sprays to reduce the temperature of the air as well as neutralize the potential sparks and remove the grease and particulate from the exhausted air
  • The CMW hood is equied with Hot Water Wash sprays to regularly wash any greasy deposits from the inside of the exhaust plenum. This minimises risk of any combustion in the exhaust plenum
  • When coupled with the required controls and interlocks the CMW hood is an alternative solution to providing separate exhaust systems for charcoal and solid fuel cooking appliances
  • The mist scrubber sprays wash almost all particulate and aerosols from the cooking fumes. Greases and smoke and embers are washed into the wet drain
  • The cool mist lowers the air temperature significantly causing fine fatty vapours to condense into larger heavier particles for effective separation
  • Custom dimensions to suit airflow requirements
  • Control Panel requires; 240 Volt Power supply
  • Control Panel requires Hot Water Supply and Cold Water Supply
  • Hood Requires 240 Volt Lighting
  • Hood Requires Hot & Cold Water from Cabinet & 50mm Water Drain
  • The CMW Hood's Control Panels can link with BMS or fan controllers.

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