Woodson Boiling Plate W.BPS10

Woodson Boiling Plate W.BPS10

Woodson Single Boiling Plate W.BPS10


The Woodson Single Boiling Plate is constructed from durable cast iron boiling plates housed within stainless steel. Offering a high speed recovery and a six position switch control, this unit offers power and versatility. Featuring a heat light, to signal when the plates are powered on, and a thermostat situated to the rear of the unit, this unit allows full control over the heating process. Reliable and consistent, this product is an absolute essential.

  • Features non slip feet for safe usage
  • High speed recovery allows for quick and efficient use
  • Both heats and boils when using saucepans
  • Constructed from a cast iron boiling plate in a stainless steel housing
  • Includes 6 position switch for absolute control over the cooking process
  • Dimensions of 295 x 275 x 97mm
  • Electrical rating of 2.0kW - 10A

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