Electrolux RE471FF Upright Freezer

Electrolux RE471FF Upright Freezer

Electrolux EcoLine Upright Freezer

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The Electrolux Professional EcoLine Single Door Freezer is one of the most energy efficient cabinets in the market place. Offering a 65% energy saving against standard competitor cabinets, this unit combines 75mm thick cyclopentane insulation and a triple balloon gasket with low energy compressors, to help reduce running costs. The unique design, featuring a hidden evaporator, provides an extra 50 litres of internal storage space. A stainless steel construction, together with rounded internal corners, ensures easy cleaning and high hygiene. Features a clean free condenser to guarantee optimum performance at all times. Rated to operate at 43C ambient for tropical use, the unit operates between -15C to -22C.

  • 670 litre capacity
  • The materials and construction of this unit ensures energy efficiency while the unique design- complete with hidden evaporator - enables an extra 50 litres of internal storage space to be utilised
  • A clean free condenser saves on running and maintenance costs
  • Removable magnetic 3 ballooned door gasket assists in improving insulation and reducing energy consumption
  • 3 X 2/1 GN storage runners and 3 wire shelves
  • Dimensions of 710w x 840d x 2050mm high
  • Rated at 10 amp

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