Hand Sanitiser Stand HSS.01

Hand Sanitiser Stand HSS.01

Stainless Steel Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Stand HSS.01

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The Stoddart Hand Sanitiser Stand is ideal for all business locations wanting to practice safe hygiene. The stainless steel frame is anti-tip, and is able to accommodate various dispenser options*. Stainless steel is easy to clean and sanitise.

Standard and High Security Hand Sanitiser Dispenser options are available from Stoddart (see related Accessories). Customisable options of this stand is available upon enquiry. With local manufacture of this product, we are ready to supply to your business.

*Please refer to your relevant local health & hospitality supplier for the purchase of certified hand sanitiser

  • Ideal for all business locations to practice safe hygiene
  • Anti-Tilt Frames
  • Various dispenser options
  • Universal fixing holes for attaching dispensers and signage
  • Easy to Clean Surfaces
  • Customisable Options
  • Overall dimensions of 300 x 400 x 1446mm