Adande VNS2.PT

Adande VNS2.PT

Adande Double Drawer Combination Slimline & Standard Drawerr Side Engine Refrigeration Unit with Plinth Slides and Cover Top


Adande has developed a unique range of Refrigerated drawer systems which by ingenious design gives consistent temperature control over a wide range of products. From storing cheese at +12 to scooping Ice Cream at -15 or storage of frozen product at -18, Adande does it all with very little temperature difference and without drying out, leaving product in frost free pristine condition.

  • Unique design allows total control of temperature from +15 to -22
  • One drawer holds 4 GN 1/1 x 65 mm pans or 36 x 500ml plastic containers while the other drawer holds 4 GN 1/1 x 100 mm pans or 36 x 500ml plastic containers
  • Highly efficient refrigeration system renown for low energy usage and preserving food in pristine condition resulting in far less spoilage of product
  • Removable Bin allows for cleaning and assists with rotation of stock
  • Available with variety of tops and bases to suit any application
  • Footprint of 1100mm x 700mm x 757mm
  • 1 x 10 Amp/394 Watts: Total for 2 off drawers:Condensate burn off tray no waste required

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