Stoddart Plumbing FD.USFV Flushing Device - Urinal Sensor System

Stoddart Plumbing FD.USFV Flushing Device - Urinal Sensor System

Flushing Device - Urinal Sensor System
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A ceiling sensor activated electronic urinal flush valve, suitable for flushing slab urinals with tube spreaders. The Flush valve kit includes one ceiling sensor, one flush valve, one controller module, connection cables and one 12V DC transformer. Depending on the water supply conditions, flow rate requirements or length of urinal additional SV-6.1 flush valves or Flush Valve Kits can be added. The flush valve can be operated directly off the mains water supply. The detection area of the ceiling mounted sensor is very defined and detects persons only in the immediate vicinity along the face of the urinal. This feature enhances water conservation due to more precise detection. After detection, a flush cycle is automatically activated. Activating a flush cycle does not mean that the urinal is immediately flushed. The time-delay until flushing is fully adjustable between 1 to 20 minutes. During the flush-delay period additional users will not trigger new flush cycles, a feature which enhances water conservation benefits.

  • Water saving - Flushing can be delayed for up to 20 minuntes after a user has been detected. During the delay period multiple users will not trigger multiple flushes.
  • Easy to install - the supplied cables include fitted plugs for quick installation while the flush kit is supplied with transformer and air-break
  • Superior sensor technology - Detects users only in the immediate vicinity along the face of the urinal therefore greatly reducing false flushing
  • easy to adjust - Flush times and flush delay times can be easily adjusted at time of installation or later
  • Janitors flush - Triggers an automatic hygiene flush after 48 hours of non-use
  • Adaptability - Additional flush valves can be added to suit the requirement of the urinal