Stoddart Plumbing FD.EFV.DF Flushing Device - Toilet Pan

Stoddart Plumbing FD.EFV.DF Flushing Device - Toilet Pan

Flushing Device - Toilet Pan - Electronic
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The Sanitron Flush Valve is a mains powered electronic dual flush for in ceiling or in-duct installation. The round dual flush piezo plate is manufactured from stainless steel. A user pushes the full or half flush button to activate the flush anda new flushing cycle can only be activated after the previous cycle has finished.

  • The clean design makes the plate highly attractive for modern designed domestic or commercial bathrooms
  • The plate is only 2mm thick and the buttons are in a satin finish
  • The flush is activated by pressing centrally onto the surface of the button
  • The plates are held in position by 2 springs
  • The mounting hardware supplied suits installations into sheeted hollow walls
  • Choice of 5 different styles of piezo activator buttons