Equipment Maintenance: Handy Hints and Tips

Equipment Maintenance

A chef can only perform as well as his equipment allows. An important part of maintaining a hospitality venue is ensuring that the equipment is cared for and maintained for optimal performance.

Refer below for a maintenance breakdown by product type - with tips for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Planned Maintenance.

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Planned Maintenance FAQ's

Combi Water Filtration

When you receive your new product, it should contain User Maintenance information within the product User Manual. Once installed, ensure you read all included documentation to understand the operation and care requirements for your product.

It is advised to store this documentation in an easy to find place, such as a clearly marked ring binder in your restaurant office, along with other documentation required to be in the restaurant.

Daily Maintenance:

  • Regularly refer to your product's User Manual for specific cleaning instructions and appropriate cleaning solutions
  • Nuts and bolts should be regularly checked and kept tightened on any/all units that have them. (Council notice regarding this issue can be found here).
  • NOTE: Do NOT pressure wash equipment control panels as this can damage the electrical components

Daily Maintenance:

  • Cleaning of the Touch Control and Dial Control on Electrolux combi ovens
  • Run combi auto clean cycle

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Run a manual deep clean of the oven cavity and seals

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Clean the combi drip tray
  • Fan/Element Compartment to be cleaned, including the grease filter
  • Clean the combi door cavity
  • If fitted, remove and clean the air filter


  • A descale of the steam generator should be completed at a minimum of every 6 months, which takes 3+ hours. Please refer to the instructions in your Maintenance Manual for a Step by Step guide.

Water Filtration:

  • Water filtration is critical to the performance of your oven, especially in areas with poor water quality. A regular filter replacement schedule must be established for combi ovens. Filters are to be changed at a minimum of every 6 months, although this may vary depending on the water quality in your area
  • A Reverse Osmosis Filter may be required in areas where the water has high chlorides or other corrosive minerals present. Where appropriate, this system should have been recommended by your supplier at the time of your combi purchase

Programmed Maintenance:

  • Programmed Maintenance (servicing) should be completed every 6 months. To organise a service, contact our friendly Stoddart Service Department on 1300 307 289
Refrigeration Maintenance

For Adande Units

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Clean the heated seal (or daily if required) with a solution of warm water and mild detergent
  • Remove the insulated drawer for deep cleaning. Clean the insulated container with an anti-bacterial cleanser
  • Brush any loose dirt from the condenser, situated at the back left of the drawer
  • Clean the steel surfaces with a polish cleaner

NOTE: Do not use steel pads, wire brushes, scrapers or chloride cleaners to clean stainless steel. Painted surfaces should be cleaned with mild soap solutions.

NOTE: Do NOT pressure wash equipment as this can damage the electrical components.


For Electrolux Units

Daily Maintenance:

  • General cleaning of machine and surrounding areas

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Check condition of unit for any deformation, loosening or removed parts

Yearly Maintenance:

  • Check mechanical parts for any breakage or deformation, any any tightening of screws needed. Check readability and condition of words, stickers and symbols and restore if necessary
  • Tighten main bolts on unit e.g. screws, fixing systems
  • Check readability and condition of safety signs
  • Check the electrical components installed inside the Electric Control Panel. Check wiring between the Electrical Panel and machine parts
  • Check connection cable (replace if necessary) and plug

For Koldtech Pizza Prep Units

General Information:

Threaded fasteners can loosen in service. Regular inspection and adjustment should be carried out as required

Cleaning is recommended for health and safety purposes and to prolong the life of the unit

Do NOT remove any screws for cleaning. All internal sections of the unit are to be cleaned by a qualifi ed technician

Daily Maintenance:

  • Clean the interior and exterior surfaces
  • Clean the door seal and door seal face
  • Check the operating temperature
  • Check the control panel alarm

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Check the lid hinge pin

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Clean the condensor coil*

*We recommend that you include your refrigerated display case in a regular maintenance schedule for all commercial food equipment. Cleaning of condenser coils is best done by trained and qualified technicians. Failure to undertake routine maintenance such as cleaning the condenser coil will void the product's warranty

Electrolux Refrigeration Maintenance

Regular Cleaning, Inspection and Maintenance of the Make table lid

  • 1. Visually inspect lid and hinge for signs of damage
  • 2. Clean all surfaces
  • 3. Inspect pins and fasteners - check for signs of wear or movement
  • 4. If threaded fasteners are loose, remove lid from service. Tighten using Philips head screwdriver and spanner/shifter (illustrated in image below)Koldtech Pizza Prep Maintenance
  • 5. If you do not have tools to properly maintain the lid, keep the lid out of service and call Stoddart Customer Service
  • 6. Do not continue to use the lid with loose or missing pins. If pins are missing call Stoddart Customer Service to arrange for replacement pins

*The lid should be cleaned and inspected each night, and maintained as required.

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