Electrolux PBOT15RGEO 150L Electric Tilting Boiling Pan Kettle

Electrolux PBOT15RGEO 150L Electric Tilting Boiling Pan Kettle

150L Thermaline Tilting Boiling Pan Kettle with stirrer and touch screen controls

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Brand:Electrolux Professional

Crafted from durable stainless steel, the Electrolux Therma Electric Tilting Kettle with touchpad controls features a variable speed propeller stirrer, enabling adaptability. The fully jacketed 150 litre capacity steam kettle, ensures rapid and uniform heating, while the insulated and counterbalanced stainless steel hinged lid, improves energy efficiency. Designed with a motorised tilting axis, the unit is kept at the optimum height and angle for efficient, effective, reliable use.

  • Deep drawn 316 grade Stainless Steel Pan with coved edges for easy cleaning
  • Hinged Lid as Standard
  • IPX6 Water protection to control panel to minimises risk of water ingress
  • Motorzed tilting axis keeps pouring lip high - can tilt beyond 90 degree to completely empty pan
  • Safty Valve avoids over-pressure of steam in the Jacket
  • 1300mm x 900mm x 800mm
  • 24.6KW 3 Phase