Electrolux SM6V50 Variomix-Line 50L Electric Boiling Pan

Electrolux SM6V50 Variomix-Line 50L Electric Boiling Pan

50L Programmable Electronic Boiling Pan Kettle with Variable Speed Grid-Stirrer

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Featuring programmable electronic controls for up to fifty cooking programs and five stirrer programs, the Electrolux Electric Smart-Line Variomix Tilting Kettle is incredibly adaptable. The fully jacketed, self generating, 50 litre steam jacket kettle, ensures rapid and even heating, while the bi-directional grid-stirrer makes this unit applicable for anything from whipping cream, to delicate sauces. Flexibility is enabled, with a motorised tilting axis, while simultaneously guaranteeing the unit is kept at the optimum angle.

  • Deep drawn 304 grade Stainless Steel Pan with coved edges for easy cleaning
  • Hinged Lid as standard
  • IPX5 Water protection to control panel to minimises risk of water ingress
  • Motorzed tilting axis keeps pouring lip high - can tilt beyond 90 degree to completely empty pan
  • Safty Valve avoids over-pressure of steam in the Jacket
  • Dimensions of 985mm x 818mm x 1140mm
  • Rated at 16KW 3 Phase