Stoddart Plumbing DF.R.WM Drink Fountain

Stoddart Plumbing DF.R.WM Drink Fountain

Drink Fountain - Round Wall Mounted

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The Stoddart Round Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain with a push button drinking bubbler is the approved design drinking fountain for government schools. The compound mouth guard protects teeth from damage. The material is resistant to sunlight and bacteria. The bubbler is angled to provide water over the centre of the bowl for easy access. The Round Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain can be mounted at heights to suit the application.

  • Easy-push button will supply a regulated flow of fresh clean drinking water through the safe and hygienic drinking bubblers to make drinking access easy without water wastage
  • 40mm waste connection so excess water is drained and can be connected to a rubble pit/a nearby garden bed/or it can be connected to grey water (with the addition of a trap)
  • Economical design makes this the affordable solution for schools and institutions and is an approved design for government schools
  • The unit is supplied with a stainless steel wall-mounting bracket with 8mm diameter fixing holes
  • No sharp edges to ensure safety in use and cleaning with sturdy and attractive stainless steel construction for years of hygienic/trouble free service
  • Dimensions of 356 x 357 x 159mm