Culinaire IDWMP

Culinaire IDWMP

Culinaire In-Duct Water Misting Unit

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The Culinaire IDWMP is designed to be fitted in the ducting system of live fuel cooking equipment. The unit has water mist sprays to cool the hot exhaust air, to quench sparks and embers and to wash particulate from the exhausted air.

  • Water mist sprays cool the hot exhaust air so that vapours condense and coagulate to larger and less combustible particles for effective separation
  • Cyclone filters centrifuge wet particles out of the airflow to be washed out and drained away
  • Fire Risk is mitigated by the the spray directly wetting and quenching the burning embers and cooling the oil vapours to below their combustion range
  • The unit has safety interlocks and controller that can link with BMS or fan controllers to oprimise safety
  • When coupled with the required controls and interlocks the IDWM Unit is an alternative solution to providing separate exhaust systems for charcoal & solid fuel cooking appliances
  • The mist scrubber sprays wash almost all particulate and aerosols from the cooking fumes. Greases and smoke and embers are washed into the wet drain
  • The cool mist lowers the air temperature significantly causing fine fatty vapours to condense into larger heavier particles for effective separation
  • Custom dimensions to suit airflow requirements
  • 240V AC Power & 15 mm water supply.