CookTek Double Hob Induction Cooktop MC3502FG

CookTek Double Hob Induction Cooktop MC3502FG

CookTek Countertop Double Hob Touchpad Control Induction Cooktop - 15 Amp
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Deal Number: OB20-0097

Model Number: Various

Condition: Superceded Unit

Warranty: 3 Month

Warehouse: Brisbane

With a simple to use touchpad, the CookTek Twin Zone Apogee Induction Cooktop with bench top mounting, is designed for easy and straightforward use. Constructed from heavy duty electronic components and a thick, high-impact glass-ceramic top, this unit is durable and effective. With two front to back, 3500 watts zones, heat is distributed evenly, producing incredibly efficient results. A rotary dial control enables precise, user control. Highly reliable, durable and effective, this unit is an asset to any commercial kitchen.
  • Automatic pan detection allows for instant heat transmission to the pan so there is little energy comsumption when pan is not present
  • Integral fan keeps internal electronics cooler
  • Auto protect function shuts off the cooktop when a minor problem arises and displayed error code enables user correction of the problem
  • Choice of precise power with control between 0 - 20 in single digit increments or temperature control in 5C increments between 30C - 260C
  • Integral grease filter and air baffle to ensure cleaner and cooler air intake for optimum reliability
  • Dimensions of 351mm x 772mm x 126mm
  • Rated at 7KW Single Phase

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