Anets Goldenfry Gas Fryer MX14C

Anets Goldenfry Gas Fryer MX14C

Anets Goldenfry Open Pot Gas Fryer MX14C
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Deal Number: OB20-0028

Condition: Superceded Unit

Warranty: 3 Month

Warehouse: Sydney

The Anets MX14C Computer Controlled Open Pot Gas Fryer has a frypot size of 360mm x 370mm, with a 20-22L oil capacity. Includes two 160mm wide nickel plated wire fryer baskets, removable stainless steel basket support and clean out rod.

Cooking capacity of approximately 40kg of frozen fries per hour.
  • 126mJ with 10A plug and lead fitted
  • Overall dimensions 400 x 790 x 1160mm

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