Culinaire CH.HCP.U Pass Through Hot Cupboard

Culinaire CH.HCP.U Pass Through Hot Cupboard

Culinaire Under Bench Hot Cupboard


The Culinaire® Under Bench Hot Cupboard has been designed to heat plates and serving dishes. It is capable of holding both plated meals and bulk foods. The Hot Cupboard features a fan-forced heating system, which produces energy saving efficiency, faster heat-up times and even heat distribution. Doors are on both sides, allowing access through the unit. Options: Standard stainless steel tops, gantries. Contact your Stoddart representative.

  • Available in 3 - 8 module units
  • Designed to be mounted under custom made stainless steel bench (by others)
  • Ideal for heating plates and serving dishes and capable of holding plated meals and bulk foods
  • Adjustable digital temperature controller allows food to be held between +65°C to +90°C (food must be heated above 65°C before being placed in the hot cupboard)
  • Hot cupboard features a fan forced heating system which offers energy efficiency with faster heat up times and even heat distribution
  • Supplied with 1 chrome plated steel wire shelf per door