Stainless Steel Grated Urinals for High Traffic Installation

Stainless steel urinals are an essential product for public facilities such as outdoor amenities, licensed venues, hospitals and stadiums. Stoddart Plumbing’s range of standard and custom urinals are the first choice for specifiers in the market for amenities installation.

The Stoddart Plumbing UR.G Grated Urinal has a number of stand-out benefits, making it an ideal choice for your next project.


What makes it stand out from other similar urinals?

The Stoddart Plumbing UR.G Grated Urinal features:

  • A fully self-supporting stainless-steel frame, to increase support of the urinal step and gutter. This feature minimises the chance of flex in the grate when the urinal is being used.


  • No requirement to install a slurry/mortar base, which saves valuable labour time and cost at installation for the plumbing contractor and project. Stoddart Plumbing has the only urinal available within the market with this feature.


Stoddart can provide a complete amenities solution including toilet pans, wash basins, vanity benches and wash troughs.

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