Don’t Make A Fryer Decision on the ‘Fry’!

You have just opened a new café, restaurant or takeaway joint, and you need a fryer. Tube, open pot, electric, gas, …what to pick?! Then there is the oil cost – how do you keep that down?

Luckily, Anets has a complete range of gas fryers, electric fryers and fryer filter systems to cover all of the possibilities.



Electric fryers will always cook more fried product than a gas fryer. The potential downside of electric fryers has been the running costs.

An electric-powered open pot fryer is applicable for the frying of most food and has a wide-open cold zone to increase the overall oil life and improve taste. The wider design makes them a lot easier to clean, which is often seen as beneficial.

Gas fryers heat up much faster than electric fryers, so they have the advantage there. Taking into consideration the cost of gas increases over the last fewer years it really comes down to what volume of products you need to cook.

A gas-powered tube style fryer is suitable for frying a large amount of foods, including battered fish and potato products. Tube fryers by design heat up quicker than traditional open pot fryers.

The usual agreement against tube fryers is cleanability. Anets tube fryers are design to give you easy access to the cool zone for cleaning. Anets gas operated open pot fryers have the largest cold zone in the industry, extending your oil life and making it very simple to clean the frypot.

Electric fryers are more expensive to purchase compared to gas fryers so it comes down to how long are you keeping the business and comparing your electricity tariff and your megajoule rate. You could be surprised!



Oil is one of the most expensive ongoing costs to a business, so if there was a way to extend oil life and save serious money every week, would the relevant savings come into serious consideration?

Frequently filtering oil will extend its life, providing customers with a consistently better tasting fried product, every day. The Anets FilterMate Systems are designed to fit under the base system of two of the renowned Anets 14GS.CS fryers.

Additionally, it is possible to bank 2, 3 or 4 fryers off the same 50 litre oil capacity filter machine. Simply filter the oil once a day for 5 minutes and you will reduce your oil wastage and serve your customers a better tasting fried food every time.

When it comes to dumping your old oil simply connect the oil disposal hose to the Filtermate and pump the old oil directly into old oil drums.

Fry more chips, use less gas, reduce oil wastage and speed up the oil filtering process, demand Anets!