Is Countertop Equipment Right for Your Venue's Needs?

For some foodservice venues – whether it be a café, Quick Service Restaurant, sit down dining, or at an event – countertop equipment makes sense over larger pieces of commercial kitchen equipment.

The decision to use countertop equipment usually comes down to the bench space available, the volume of food the unit will be cooking, and the ease of use for kitchen staff.

The Woodson range from Stoddart is Australia’s premier countertop equipment brand, leading the market space since 1954. Designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of conditions, Woodson is renowned for its quality, functionality and reliability.

Read below to find out how Woodson countertop equipment can work best for your venue!


Countertop Fryers and Chip Dumps

Perfect for small frying batches, the Woodson range of countertop fryers and chip dumps mean your venue can have frying capabilities without the added cleaning and maintenance of a freestanding fryer. Single Pan, Single Pan with Autolift, and Double Pan fryers are available in the Woodson range.

The accompanying Woodson chip dumps – Bench Mounted and Bench Mounted Pass Through – are compact and keep your chips warm and ready for seasoning away from the fryer.


Contact Grills

Found in cafés and QSR’s throughout Australia, a contact grill is an essential for many a venue offering wraps, toasties, burritos, kebabs and more! Woodson has a full range of contact grills to suit your venue, including smooth plate, ribbed plate contact grills and the Woodson Pro-Series contact grills.



Toaster Grillers, Supertoast and Salamanders

Having a toaster griller is a versatile piece of countertop equipment for cooking and toasting. The Woodson range includes several toaster grillers, the Supertoast model which allows for individual element control, and a salamander with only a top heat intended for grilling or browning.



                                                       Griddle and Griddle Toaster

A countertop griddle is essential for foodservice venues to cook small batches of products such as bacon and eggs, fried tomatoes, burger patties and more! The Woodson range of griddles and griddle toasters are compact and hardworking, with an even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface of the heavy-duty hot plate.


Countertop Bain Maries

Having a reliable bain marie in your venue means that food is ready to be portioned and kept at the optimal temperature.

The Woodson range of countertop bain maries are designed to be energy efficient, and ensure that the optimal temperature is always maintained to deliver food quality and safety. They are uniquely designed with individual elements, meaning the unit will still operate at peak performance if one of the elements was to fail for peace of mind.

The Woodson range also includes conveyor toasters and ovens, Quick Performance ovens, hot and cold food displays and more!

Contact Stoddart on 1300 79 1954 or email to find out more about the Woodson Range.