An Unexpected Productivity Saver in a Commercial Kitchen

Most, if not all, restaurant owners and managers want to make the most of their labout and decrease time wasted from menial tasks.

Want to know an unexpected area in your restaurant where you can gain some productivity points?

In your SINK! The one full of pots and pans with burnt food on the bottom.

The old days of the pot scrubber in the back of the kitchen are long gone. You have more important tasks for your employees to be doing, rather than hand washing a stack of trays and big pots.



The Power Soak Integreated Continuous Motion Pot Washing System does the hard work for you, through the natural scouring properties of high turbulence heated water combined with appropriate cleaning chemicals.

The water motion mimics a wave pool, in the way that the jets are dispersed along the rear of the tank. This created a rolling effect, which tumbles the wares for optimal washing performance. The video below shows a modified Power Soak unit with a clear panel to see how the 'wave effect' works in the tank.

It is as simple as placing the dirty wares in to the tank, add detergent and turn the unit on. Set it and forget it (for a while)! There is no need for an attendant to monitor the system constantly.

There are no cycles, compared to a traditional ware washer, so you can add items into the tank as needed. You can then progressively pull the products out when it suits you and place in the sanitiser tank and drain.

Check out the Power Soak Labour Saving Calculator to see how how much you can save!