Stoddart Plumbing DF.MD.WM Drink Fountain

Stoddart Plumbing DF.MD.WM Drink Fountain

Drink Fountain - Metro Dual Wall Mounted

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The Stoddart Metro Drinking Fountains can be used for schools, shopping centres, hospitals, airports and outdoor areas. The Stoddart Metro Dual Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain is wall mounted on a robust stainless steel mounting panel. It also allows clear access for disabled users when mounted at the correct height. It is robust, vandal resistant and easy to install, maintain and use. The plumbing is secured and accessed via a large access panel.

  • Easy-push buttons and valves supply a regulated flow of fresh clean drinking water through the safe and hygienic drinking bubblers to make drinking access easy without water wastage
  • Large round collection bowl with bubbler mounted internally prevents excess water from forming mud puddles on the ground
  • 40mm waste connection so excess water is drained and can be connected to a rubble pit/a nearby garden bed/or it can be connected to grey water (with the addition of a trap)
  • Access for wheel chair disabled users is provided as per the requirements advised in AS1428.1.2009
  • Wall Mounted Drinking Fountain can be easily mounted to most wall surfaces at heights suitable to the application
  • Dimensions of 980 x 620 x 558mm