Stoddart Plumbing 4S.CHS Shower Post

Stoddart Plumbing 4S.CHS Shower Post

Shower Post - Bath House

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The Stoddart Shower Posts for mining site bathhouses and sporting venue change rooms. The shower posts are made from 316 grade stainless steel. They come plumbed complete with taps and shower rose. These units are floor mounted and stand floor to ceiling. All plumbing is supplied to the post through the ceiling. The shower posts can be ordered with optional extra features to suit individual applications.

  • Robust and hard wearing Stainless Steel Shower Posts resist corrosion and vandalism large base plate allows post to be secured to the floor and set level
  • Shower posts are pre-plumbed so water supply connections are made at the top of the post in the ceiling space with anti-vandal tap sets and shower roses prevent theft by vandals
  • Optional shelf for shampoo and shaving gear is screw fastened to shower post
  • Optional footrest is heavy-duty to assist weary workers
  • A flange is supplied for fitting off to the ceiling
  • Dimensions of 300 x 300 x 3000mm