Anets FM414GSCS Filter System

Anets FM414GSCS Filter System

Anets FM414GSCS Goldenfry Filtermate Filter System

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The Anets Filtermate system fits neatly under two 14GSCS high efficiency gas deep fryers. This hands free automatic oiled filteration system saves operators thousands of dollars every year on labour and oil. The fresh clean oil makes for a better fried product and keeps customer happy and coming back for more. Anets Filtermate systems also include an oil by pass system where the old oil can be automatically dumped into waste drums. The Anets 14GSCS fryers efficiently use gas because of the unique copper heat exchanger design, less gas and more product makes you more money everyday.

  • Approximately 160kgs of frozen fries per hour production across all four pans
  • Stainless Steel cabinet with stainless steel frypot
  • 10 year Frypot warranty
  • True deep cold zone with easy to clean design
  • four independent tanks 20-22 litre oil capacity each
  • Dimensions of 1600 x 790 x 1180mm
  • Rated at 504mJ - 3/4" npt connection and 10 Amp GPO