Electrolux RBF061 Crosswise Blast Chiller Freezer

Electrolux RBF061 Crosswise Blast Chiller Freezer

Electrolux Crosswise Blast Chiller Freezer

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Designed solely for rapid reduction in food temperature, the Crosswise Blast Chiller / Freezer features five operating modes. Able to reduce food from 90C to 3C in less than 90 minutes, and to -18C in less than four hours, this unit is incredibly effective. The stainless steel construction ensures hygiene and long-lasting durability. All operational information is recorded for HACCAP compliance, while a touch pad enables ease of use. Efficient, durable and reliable, this unit is an asset to any commercial kitchen.

  • 15kg 5x1/1 GN
  • Features a digital control panel that enables precise temperature settings
  • HACCP data storage
  • Chill to +3C in approximately 90 mins and freeze to -18C in roughly 4 hours
  • Probe built in for exact temperature control
  • Dimensions of 762w x700d x850mm high
  • Rated at 2.3 kw single phase

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