Electrolux AOF20218RT Air-O-Chill Blast Chiller Freezer

Electrolux AOF20218RT Air-O-Chill Blast Chiller Freezer

Air-O-Chill Blast Chiller/Freezer - 40 Tray - Roll through (20x2/1GN)

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Brand:Electrolux Professional

Chill and lock in freshness. Optimize the workflow in your kitchen, increase the shelf life of food and reduce waste. Our innovative blast chillers and freezers are crafted to complete the integrated Cook&Chill process or simply offer the best in class chilling system if required alone. Soft, hard and shock! Use the proper cycle selection to keep your ingredients and creations deliciously fresh and perfectly preserved.

  • All bases covered - 5 chilling or freezing cycles being soft chilling / hard chilling / positive holding / shock freezing and freeze holding
  • Ease of use - cruise cycle automatically controls the chilling process according to the food type and size of the food load. This feature optimises the preserving of the food quality to the highest standards as well eliminates wastage from persons freeze burning foods due to incorrect selection
  • Air-O-Start which allows no need for pre-cooling for a more streamlined process. Air-O-Start is activated automatically after more than 24 hours of inactivity of the unit
  • Air-O-Check guarantees the saftey of the chilling or freezing cycles even if the core probe has not been inserted correctly by the user
  • Best in class - Residual time estimation shows user when chilling cycle will be finished allowing better planning of the kitchen and the Automatic defrost cycle can be used even with food inside the chamber. Turbo chilling for non-stop chilling and more. Can be used in conjunction with other brand ovens
  • Dimensions of 1400 x 1270 x 2265mm
  • Rated at 400V/3N/50H (1.70kw) Remote Unit