Electrolux WTU40ADP Untensil Washer

Electrolux WTU40ADP Untensil Washer

Electrolux High Performance Freestanding Untensil washer

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The Electrolux Utensil washer is the ideal space saving multi-purpose dish/utensil washer at the correct height to eliminate bending down to load/unload. Compact footprint, front loading so no need for tabling, with a large 450mm door clearance. This washer is also perfect for a large variety of applications such as pizza plates in busy pizza shop, kitchen utensils, trays , and even perfect for a supermarket to wash plastic shopping baskets that we place food in before checkout. Another solution from Electrolux professional.

  • Safe and Clean: WASH-SAFE-CONTROL allows constant efficiency and the ultimate answer to safety and hygiene. Rinsing circuit sanitises all washed items at a constant temperature of 84 degrees regardless of the network water inlet temperature
  • OH&S Green tick: Auto lift hood for additional workplace safety with thick double skin foam insulation that dampens noise and retains heat allowing nil risk of burns to users. There are no visible pipes in wash tank and pressed round corners allow seamless safe housekeeping
  • Reliability Assured: High level of components and IPX5 water protection from jets of water. Fully enclosed rear of unit and all main components in high grade 304 AISI stainless steel
  • Ease of Use/Flexibility: Electronic control panel allows customisation of any cycle with clear and precise HACCP readouts. Standard 3 wash cycles for light / medium / heavy soiled products
  • Other Inclusions: Rinse Booster Pump - Drain pump - Prearrangements for automatic detergent and rinse-aid dispensers - Array of 500 x 500 baskets to suit applications
  • Dimensions of 642 x 723 x 1477mm
  • Rated at 400V/3N/50H