Electrolux AOS102GBZA Air-O-Steam Combi Oven

Electrolux AOS102GBZA Air-O-Steam Combi Oven

Air-O-Steam Combi Oven - Gas - 20 Tray (10x2/1GN)

Brand:Electrolux Professional

Creating ovens since 1950, Electrolux has many years of research and development in the hospitality industry delivering the latest solutions to fit any any busy catering segment. Find out why so many leading chefs and facilitiess choose Electrolux and say hello to quality and robustness from the global leader in food service.

Electrolux Professional Air-O-Steam models are dedicated steam generated units, offering a continuous supply of steam at all times in a more traditional lower cost interface.

  • Electronic controls for ease of use
  • Combi oven with boiler generated steam for precise control
  • Two phase cooking
  • Core probe for internal core temperature cooking
  • Exhaust valve electronically controlled to exhaust excess humidity
  • Air-O-Clean integrated self-cleaning system
  • Automatic preheat and auto rapid cool down
  • Includes drain kit and standard water treatment system
  • Includes installation inspection as well as training by Electrolux Chef
  • Electrolux is unique in that at any time all our ovens can incorporate a fully integrated matching chiller/freezer option that will optimize workflow in any kitchen when required
  • Dimensions of 1208 x 1065 x 1058mm
  • Rated at 162 MJ & 1.0kw