Woodson W.HLA1500 Heat Lamp Assembly

Woodson W.HLA1500 Heat Lamp Assembly

Woodson W.HLA1500 1500mm longHeat Lamp Assembly

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Crafted for overhead heating for food preparation and serving, the Woodson Heat Lamp is ideal for passthrough applications. With three 300 watts infra-red lamps, this unit is incredibly effective, combining power with efficiency. Supplied with a 1500mm long, fully stainless steel channel, this unit is incredibly versatile and durable. Constructed from a replaceable heat lamp, this unit is efficient, effective and reliable.

  • Heat lamps are not to be used within enclosed gantries
  • Designed with replaceable 300w infra-red lamps
  • Includes a fully stainless steel channel
  • Features an off / on switch for the heat lamps
  • Ideal as overhead heating for passthrough applications
  • Dimensions of 1500 x 120 x 110mm
  • Electrical rating of 0.9kW - 10A