Stoddart Plumbing UR.VC1 Urinal

Stoddart Plumbing UR.VC1 Urinal

Urinal - Waterless - VC1

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The Stoddart Vitreous China Waterless Urinal offers a ceramic bathroom solution with the efficient waterless Key-System® waste. The urinal bowl is high quality vitreous china, fired at high temperatures with a very strong glaze coating that is extremely resistant to crazing and discolouration from exposure to urine, acids and cleaning chemicals (exceeds requirements of AS/NZS 1976). The waterless Key-System® prevents odours coming back up from the waste without the use of flush water. It has a Key-Valve® with inbuilt green aromatic ring that provides a pleasant scent. When the aromatic ring block is eventually exhausted, after approximately 7500 uses, it loses its green colour indicating that it is time to use the Service-Key to unlock, lift out and install a new Key-Valve® – simple, hygienic and environmentally sensible.

  • A state of the art design for Bathrooms where the “ceramic look” is required
  • Vitreous China has higher density clay than ceramic and thus provides better resistance to absorption of liquids and also has greater strength than porcelain. Stoddart’s Vitreous China Urinal is fired at high temperatures with high quality glaze to ensure long service life free from staining and crazing and the Urinal is coupled with an Enswico Waterless Key-Valve® eliminating the need for flushing after each use
  • The Key-System waterless waste requires less service time/less frequently. An inbuilt aromatic ring provides a pleasant scent and after approx. 7500 uses - indicates when the Key-Valve® and aromatic Key-Ring® can be hygienically replaced using the simple Service-Key
  • Waterless design eliminates need for provision of water supply and flushing devices. The unit is easy and quick to install and the high quality and durability ensure great return for the modest investment. Waterless Urinals save thousands of litres of water per year. Urinals with Key-System® wastes save maintenance time and potentially reduce cleaning chemical usage
  • The Vitreous China Waterless Urinal from Stoddart Manufacturing reduces your water usage and your carbon footprint