HALTON – Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Save energy, the environment & your wallet

Halton is the world’s leader in commercial kitchen exhaust systems – including exhaust hoods and ventilated ceilings. No other exhaust hood can offer the unique advantages of Halton’s engineered systems. Made in Australia to your needs, to internationally proven and accredited design. Halton hoods feature:

  • Capture Jet TM – patented capture jets help capture more heat and fumes reduce energy and consumption

  • Cyclonic filtration – patented multi-cyclonic filters capture more effluent than any other filters

  • Integrated make-up air – to enable improved efficiency

  • Ultra-Violet technology for removal of odours and elimination of cooking effluents, improving hygiene and safety. Ductwork cleaning reduced to a minimum

  • Fully automated demand based kitchen ventilation for full optimization of energy usage

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