Halton KVL

Halton KVL

Halton KVL Extraction Canopy

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Developed primarily for fryers and grills, the KVL canopies are particularly adapted to the quick service restaurants or open cooking areas. The KVL is a highly efficient kitchen ventilation canopy that removes contaminated air and excess heat emitted by cooking equipment, helping to provide a comfortable and hygienic environment. The KVL kitchen canopy comprises Capture Jet™ centrifugal fan for front jets with high efficiency grease filtration using UL and NSF classified Halton KSA multi-cyclone filters. The canopy is manufactured completely from AISI 304 1.2mm No 4 finish stainless steel. Testing and Balancing (T.A.B.) taps for flow measurements are fitted to the exhaust plenum.

  • Vertical Capture Jet™
  • Make-up air is not incorporated in the hood and must be supplied to the room via ceiling registers or Diffusers.supplied through Front Face of hood at low velocity
  • KSA multi-cyclone filters - UL and NSF classified. KSA filters remove up to 95% of particles with a size of 10 microns or above thus reducing grease deposits and cleaning costs while improving hygiene and safety
  • Performance tested independently in accordance with the ASTM 1704 standard and heat load exhaust airflow rates calculation method
  • Enhanced safety and hygiene thanks to high-efficiency grease removal KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL and NSF classified) that result in reduced duct cleaning costs
  • “Ready to install” standard delivery packages with lighting as well as integral balancing dampers and testing and balancing taps for fast and simple field balancing
  • Custom dimensions to suit each application
  • Light - 240 Volt - 10 Amp 50 Hz

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