Culinaire CD.MP.C Meal Plating

Culinaire CD.MP.C Meal Plating

Culinaire Meal Plating Cord Conveyor

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The CulinaireĀ® Meal Plating Conveyor uses low maintenance fabric belt systems that are available for straight runs in dry environments, and are ideal for large banquets, convention centres and hotels - wherever plating assembly is required. 3-ply belts are constructed of polyester layers with PVC facing and synthetic backing for reduced friction and more efficient operation. The pulleys are crowned to provide proper tracking of the belt in the centre of the slider pan. Auto take up design ensures smooth, efficient belt operation. This system also features a special safety plate at the upload end of the belt to stop the belt instantly for operator safety.

  • Available in four lengths - 6000mm / 7000mm / 8000mm / 9000mm
  • Culinaire meal plating conveyors are ideal for large banquets or convention centres and hotels - wherever plating assembly is required
  • Electronic variable speed and torque control for perfect speed matching to operator needs
  • The large diameter cord creates more space below the meal trays allowing the operator's fingers to easily fit under the tray when lifting it off the conveyor
  • Limit switch to the end of the conveyor
  • Available with either 2 or 4 cords. Contact your Stoddart representative

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