Stoddart Plumbing UR.R1 Urinal

Stoddart Plumbing UR.R1 Urinal

Urinal - Round Stainless - R1

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The Stoddart R1 Urinals offer the ultimate solution for managing water efficiency and hygiene. The round urinal combines great looks and excellent vandal resistance with the strength and durability of stainless steel. The Stoddart Round Urinals are ideal for public restrooms in public amenities, sporting clubs and executive offices.

  • 1.5mm stainless steel construction offers superior vandal resistance and safety. Avoid risk of injuries from broken porcelain well as the large hemi-spherical bowl offers large target area and minimises splash-back
  • Round Urinal - Waterless includes a Key-system® waterless waste that eliminates the need for flushing after use - preventing odours coming back up from the waste and has an inbuilt aromatic cage that provides a pleasant scent
  • Electronic Wash is a waterless urinal with a flush rim for addition of a water supply to wash the bowl periodically and keep the unit looking fresh. The wash may be electronically timed to run between busy periods as determined by the site application (e.g. start of day/after meal break rush periods/or end of day)
  • Electronic Sensor Flush is a traditional flushing urinal with standard waste/universal S&P trap/and a domed/perforated stainless steel cover to capture litter without blocking the drain. This unit is fully self-contained with electronic flush valve and sensor conveniently mounted in the unit. The urinal has a very effective flush and the frequency can be programmed to suit various applications (seasonal and rush hour use) to minimise water usage
  • 15mm Male BSP thread inlet to Flush Rim. Electronic version comes with watermarked ½” solenoid valve/anti-syphon device/sensor/controller/and battery pack (4 x AA alkaline batteries). Optional 6V transformer positioned in ceiling can power valve and waterless versions do not include water supply
  • Various Dimensions