Stoddart Plumbing UR.K1 Urinal

Stoddart Plumbing UR.K1 Urinal

Urinal - Waterless - Key-1

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The Stoddart Key-One® Waterless Urinal available offers trendy good looks in a tough polycarbonate body with a waterless Key-System® waste. The waterless Key-System® prevents odours coming back up from the waste without the use of flush water. It has a Key-Valve® with inbuilt green aromatic ring that provides a pleasant scent. When the aromatic ring block is eventually exhausted after approximately 7500 uses it loses its green colour indicating that it is time to use the Service-Key to unlock, lift out and install a new Key-Valve® – simple, hygienic and environmentally sensible.

  • State of the art design and trendy modern look with the toughness of polycarbonate material with a functionally effective parabolic bowl design which ensures no splash-back and the Key-Valve eliminates the need for flushing after each use preventing odours coming back up from the waste
  • The Key-System waterless waste requires less service time/less frequently with an inbuilt aromatic ring provides a pleasant scent and after approximately 7500 - indicates uses when the Key-Valve and aromatic Key-Ring can be hygienically replaced using the Service-Key
  • Waterless design eliminates need for provision of water supply. Low cost polycarbonate design is cheaper/lighter/easier/and quicker to install than traditional ceramic or stainless steel urinals
  • Waterless Urinals save thousands of litres of water per year and the Key-One urinal also saves maintenance time and potentially reduces cleaning chemical usage
  • The Key-One waterless urinal from Stoddart Manufacturing reduces your water usage and your carbon footprint