Stoddart Plumbing FR.DI Flushing Rim Sink

Stoddart Plumbing FR.DI Flushing Rim Sink

Flushing Rim Sink - Square - Drop In

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The Stoddart Flushing Rim Sink is ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, childcare centres, universities, laboratories and sick bays. This unit includes a fully effective flush design that flushes the full height of all the faces of the sink every time. The sparge is welded to every face to ensure the most hygienic flush is achieved.

  • 67mm wide rim with turned safe edge around full perimeter to provide an easy to clean/hygienic boundary with top or rear entry available
  • Concealed sparge pipe welded to side walls all around rim for ultra-hygienic full flush
  • The unit is also suitable for welding into a bench unit or for assembly into a freestanding unit with adjustable feet
  • Supplied with 100mm diameter dropper and 110mm diameter domed strainer
  • Dimensions of 530 x 540 x 431mm